Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Posting from Kyle Ling.. Best man in our wedding

It took me awhile to write this, because every time I want to write about Cheryl - it was like a flush of memories that hit me like a wave. There was one day that I keep thinking about and recall very visually that I still remember like if it was yesterday.

It was one of the sadest day I have ever experience, and that was to attend Cheryl's funeral. When Mike and I came down to San Diego, we wanted to make sure Evan was alright and we wanted to support him. I knew that Evan went through an ordeal and I was upset with myself of not being able to visit him due to my circumstance. When we first met up with Evan, things were joyous between us since we have not seen each other for a long time. Mike and I agreed to help out with the props and portraits to be placed at the wake and funeral service. Once we arrived at the place, we grabbed the portraits, I held the portrait of Cheryl in front of me. I never went thru so much emotions in my heart and my head went for a spin. I went through a rush of all the good memories that I recall of Cherly and Evan back at the Belmont house. After placing the portraits inside the wake, we all rushed out as quickly as we can. I knew Evan was taking it hard and it took every ounce of energy for me to hold back as well. When we were outside, I actually recall the good times that we had when we were together.

One of those times was when I first met Cheryl. She was one of the nicest person I've ever met. I've met her at Evan's house at Belmont for the first time and already she wanted to make sure I leave with some food. Almost every time I come for a visit, Cheryl wanted me to bring food home. She knows that I lived alone and that I would usually eat out. She always wanted to make sure that I have some home cooked meal. She even taught me on how to cook some dishes that I always wanted to learn how to make. I still follow her recipe for certain dishes til this day. From the first day, when I met Cheryl, I knew she was a good person at heart.

There were other times, I was impress with Cheryl on what she knew and what she did. I witness Cheryl save some friends of being embarrassed of what they did. Not only did she help save them from losing face, but she also educate them on what they did wrong. Just from typing this, I realize that Cheryl would have been the greatest mom.

I also recall about some of the conversations we had before. We were talking about different perspectives and how things evolved from family to politics. She was intelligent and very educated. She tries to help out when she can. She even try to set me up with one of her friends. :) It was funny, because she really tried and it didn't work out for me.

Everyone that met Cheryl was impressed by her right away. I remember one of my friend mentioned that Evan was the luckiest guy to have her. There was another friend (female) met Cheryl for the first time and all she talked about was how hot she was. She talked about Cherly so much that I just had to ask if she was planning to switch sides and remind her that she has a boyfriend. lol Cheryl was just quiet and had a smirk. I could tell she just wanted to say "okay, enough now".

All that memories went thru from just holding that portrait. The last time I saw her happy was at their wedding. That was what I was holding and there was a quote I remember: A picture is worth a thousand my case - that picture reminded me of how Cheryl was. She was that kind-hearted, smart person and a good friend. We all miss her.

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