Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Cheryl my love…..

It is hard to believe it was only last year that we were spending time with the family here in Las Vegas and your condition was stable. You were hanging out with the cousins and joking around, playing with our daughter Cevan, . To me, it seems like 16 months has been 16 years and I can’t imagine any period of my life’s existence seem that long of a span in such a short interval (I am not sure if that makes sense). I guess its analogous to the months have seemed like years.

We spent Thanksgiving with my sister Gina & Davis, Cevan, Tatai, Al & my mom, and your father and step mom in Vegas. We also went to cousin Debbie & Bong’s house with many of the other cousin’s there and Cevan played with the other kids. We were joking about that close cousin of yours (you know who you are) who was already married and didn’t tell any of us.. How we were all pressuring them to get engaged when they eloped far before that…. Such a good actor and actress.. they should get an Oscar for that performance ;) We also went to Bong & Debbie’s again for the Manny Pacquiao fight and spent time with all the Vegas side of the family. Our daughter is growing up so fast but she is definitely a tough little girl. She has a new nickname “baby Pacquiao or baby Pac” since she likes to beat up everyone (slap, scratch, and pinch). The Guamanians / Chamorros call it magodie ( I don’t know the right spelling but something pronounced like that). Its how she shows her affection…. We took her to Opportunity Village which is this spectacular setup that looks like the North Pole came to Vegas. Cevan was so enamored with all the ostentatious displays, toys, santa, lights, etc.. We couldn’t even get a picture of her looking straight at the camera and she was saying “oh wow” the whole time. I watched all the young parents with their babies and children… I have never been a jealous person but for once in my life I was. The thoughts started coming across my mind that they got to share the joys together and captivate that experience… side by side… but I know deep down that you were watching us from heaven Cheryl.

I know it’s always the holidays that are always the most difficult.. Especially when its so close to the loss of a loved one. It seems like every song on the radio reminds me of you and even Christmas songs. I receive a lot of praise from your family for all the devotion to you and they know that I did it all for you and our daughter. I just wish you had more time in this world to see her grow up. You know that I am working so hard doing so many things to make you proud.

I guess I have to share so more stories so I will. I remember the time when we took your nephew Darius (Juniors son) with your father and step mother to the Boomers miniature golf place in San Diego. You were so embarrassed because it was one of the first impressions on your father and I was like a big kid racing Darius, rock climbing, playing video games, etc.. with him. I remember you telling your father that your man is a kid at heart. I remember the times we played drinking scrabble and you would get so intoxicated that it became blatantly obvious when you were making up words. I challenged you ever chance I got to and we would bust up laughing because you were such a bad liar!!! I remember when we used to argue about things and than you would sit on the bed and rub the spot next to you like you were “warming it up for me to lay next to you”. We would start laughing because we didn’t even know what we were arguing about. I remember the day of our first date vividly. I opened the door when you arrived and my heart sunk.. I was so stunned and awestricken.. you had this effervescent glow that there are no words to describe. I have met thousands of people in my life but never felt so nervous to make the right impression. You were the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life. I tried to play it off all casual but my heart was racing. There are so many more stories to share but wanted to say Happy Holidays from your husband and daughter!!